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French/Japanese Animation Collaborations

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There are a number of communities on LiveJournal related to cartoons, but I decided that it would be a good idea to create a more specific community. Initially I wanted to dedicate it solely to French/Japanese collaborations in animation, however I'm aware that this is a pretty narrow subject, so I'm more than happy for there to be discussions about pure French or Japanese animation, information about animation you feel has been inspired by this movement, the historical basis of these series, other works of the creators involved, and animation that you find evocative and inspirational... basically series tied together by high quality animation, interesting characters and epic story lines, and fantastic incidental music. The premise is intelligent conversation about intelligent animation.

In case you're not sure, examples of French/Japanese animation are: The Mysterious Cities of Gold (Les Mystérieuses Cités D'Or), Ulysses 31 (Ulysse 31), Jayce & the Wheeled Warriors (Jayce et les Conquérants de la Lumière).

Things we like:

+ Sharing information about where to buy and how to acquire merchandise
+ Links to great websites
+ Creating/sharing LJ icons and layouts relevant to the community
+ Fan art
+ People with sharp eyes who watch e-bay and Amazon marketplaces for rare finds and good deals
+ The use of the < lj-cut > tag when posting large images

Things we don't like:

- The advertising of other communities without the express permission of the community maintainer
- Hateful commentary or general moronic behaviour
- Spam. It is verboten.

This community is maintained by nikodemus. I'll be updating this page often, and doing my best to keep the archive section (memories) up to date. Please feel free to contact me through my personal journal with any questions, suggestions or queries :)